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Welcome to Fictionlands!


Where shipping and slashing are shipped out, character crushes are crushed, shallowness is shafted, Mary Sues/Gary Stus are mocked, pastas are cooked, "alternate universe" character knock-offs of established fictional characters are KO-ed, there is only one earth but many makebelieve worlds and settings, and personality and originality are in!

Not your average fiction site.

Shipping is a bunch of crap Yes, finally a site where someone agrees with us on that! Here's to you, Pokemondb.net!

Fictionlands Forum for writing/role-playing, and meme-mangling

Top 10 Lies In Fanfiction

Mary Sue, a character to avoid at all costs!

Mary Sue and Gary Stu Villains! Think Slender Man and Jeff or Jane The Killer.

Songfics, UGH!





Meet Our Regulars

Some character profiles



Semi Regulars

Furby Profiles Our furbies are newcomers to the character set, but enough has been written that they now get a profile page just like the other regulars do.



Confrontation After mother and daughter have just been reunited with the help of some new, kind-hearted friends, an enemy reappears, looking to make trouble, and some startling things are revealed. - by Capri

Malicious Miranda The title speaks for itself.

Second Chance After living as bitter enemies under one roof as children, to go their separate ways, circumstances throw Melanie Benson and Ameh Chase together again. Can bygones be bygones, or can old grudges really be let go? - by Capri


Putting Things Right Part 1. Capri Monroe More evil beings are destroyed, and some truths aren't what they seem to be. - by Capri


The Downfall Of Lady Une - Gundam Lady Une foefiction by Capri


Putting Things Right Part 2. NT More damage is repaired, and loved ones are reunited, giving everyone a new start. - by Capri


Townhouse - by Capri

Out To Lunch When Indy, LJ and various friends go out for lunch, they get treated to a side of obnoxiousness along with the meal. - A Jack Sisco foefiction by Capri Driven Crazy - Kayin Amoh, used to driving in Europe, forgets the rules are different in America, with not so glorious results. - By LJ.

James Family Loss - When LJ's Grandma passes away, some friends help her deal with the grief, others display some appalling behavior,resulting in friendships ruined before they are even started, and LJ and a close friend and cousin of hers feel very conflicted. - By LJ and Capri.


Fitting Punishment, No Way Out For Cowards fictional characters giving a couple of real people what they deserve.

Something's Got To Give! dedicated to Dustin Lafortune.

For The Love Of Power


Stranded With Vampires - Twilight foefiction by Capri Take A Hike - Twilight foefiction by Beth Twilight Nightmare - Twilight foefiction by Beth Twi-Twitted - Twilight foefiction by Beth


The Rings


Showdown Characters having a duel.


The Chain Man This foe fiction takes place after the movie ends.


Sarah And Sheldon Indy is concerned when her best friend Sarah tells her she's got a boyfriend. But Sarah is not like Indy's sister was, or like some former friends. Dating disasters can happen in Whoville too, and Sarah comes out of it disgusted and creeped out, but with her heart in tact, and with no damage done to her friendship with Indy. - by Capri.


Furby Junction Introduction to our furby characters and ongoing stories about how they got into mission work, and other stuff. - By Capri and Beth.

Maggie, Justin, Jenny two forwarding hoax stories wrapped up in one and finished off by Beth and Capri. Comes with furbies, lawn gnomes, and Evian babies.

Operation Lickman Story about a creepy urban legend psycho who chooses the wrong house to menace. Sundown Furby's second mission. - By Capri.

Operation Allysa A girl is terrorized by her seemingly once loving boyfriend, who lures her to her demise, only things do not work out as he planned. Kitri Fussby the furby's first mission. - by Capri


Werewolf woes


Cooking The Creepy Pasta

Creepy pasta = corruption of "copy paste" so memes with a horror bent. Many originated from that awful pit known as 4chan.

Creepy Evil Furby Mythos Meme Not even furbies are safe from the creepy pasta treatment. - Sizzling mangling of anti-furby cp

The Mary Sue Moon Girl This one fits in two categories. 1. It's partially mangled by Capri. 2. It's partially mangled by fictional characters. 3. A story was made out of it.

Cameron And Jessica Pokemon Pasta mangle because this one actually had things in it I *gasp* liked. It could've done away with the whole cancers/bullies/possible suicide angst, and weird personality disorder stuff, and the graphic descriptions in places, and that would've taken it right out of the creepy pasta genre and into something better. It's about a game character who gets mistreated by her player, and she doesn't take it well or ever go away. What's more, her name is Jessica. The same name as one of the main characters in our furby stuff.

Some of the most popular pasta stories/characters and info about them:




These three above get theirs in:



Among the other most popular pastas that leaves:










This character is one of, if not the most popular creepy pasta character, and is written as so ridiculously over-powered and yet has absolutely no redeeming traits.


Down With Slender Man




Mr. Widemouth's story implies he probably died in a house fire he set, or got some poor kid to set, but we are not sure. If we decide he's still alive and out there, he will be dealt with, but if we go with dead, you get to read the pasta mangle at least.


Nightmares For Noodleheads - Foefiction (since we are not fans) -by Beth and Capri.


We weren't kidding when we said we don't like these characters or creepy pastas at all and are disgusted by all the fangirling for them.




Other Series Related







Cyberspace Fun


Spammerville Hilarious ongoing stories making fun of spammers, using their fake names and domains against them.


Lulz, The Internet Meth - By Beth


Postmaster An exciting series featuring that enigmatic entity every netizen is vaguely familiar with; the Postmaster is responsible for "Undeliverable message" "CONFIRMATION" and other notices to everyone around the net at one time or another. - By Beth.


James Ronald's Descent Into The Funny FarmvilleWhen characters start and replicate chain letters, they don't get the results they expect. - by Beth and Capri




Holiday Features stories and story sections that take place around various holidays.






Characters Say


Characters expressing their points of view and bantering on various subjects:


We Will Own You Parody on Queen's We Will Rock You, Creepy Pasta version - by Toby.


Bad Dog! - Story written by Indy and LJ.


James Bond - "Stu, Gary Stu... Fictional characters on James Bond.


Ousting The Empress - Some characters from Toshinden Battle Arena, plus Indy react to an obnoxious fangirl's stupid page. - by LJ and Indy.


Go Fly A Kite - What would happen if an annoying fangirl finds out that her page stinks and tyrranical crush on some fictional characters is not reciprocated by them? - by LJ


Peta's Fishy Agenda Mortification Fictional characters expressing themselves about these extremists.


Fairies An article disputed by fairies.


The Abuse Excuse Characters, fan-made and established fictionals, express their feelings about sadists who try getting out of responsibility for their own actions by claiming they were abused.


Character Awards Fun section where writers and characters give nominations and awards to one another, and various reactions.




Characters&Authors Interaction


This is where you get to see us authors and our fictional characters interacting. These are fun to write.


Teen Prayer Chain Letter mangled by character Indy and author Beth


Les Mis Movie, Opinions And Ideas Fan-created characters and their writers discuss opinions and ideas about the 2012 Les Miserables movie.


What's In A Name A snippet of conversation among creative writers turns into a humorous discussion among the characters about their names.


Characters and authors on Elan Gale and his Diane hoax


I Spy Mary Sue Eyes Writers have fun writing about their characters eyes in Mary Sue fashion.


Mary Sue Moon Girl Creepy Pasta mangling&Story - Authors and characters



Messed UpCreated Characters This is along the same idea as what happens when famous fictional characters get butchered in bad stories in anything from movies to fan fiction, only this time it deals with the idea of it happening to fan-created characters.


Original Character Interview Meme characters mangle a chain letter questionnaire.


* * *






Otakuism and Other Fan stupidity


Star Wors Abominations


Why Gundam Sucks


Werewolves Bite and Vampires Suck! If you don't find cannibalism or other beasts feasting on human blood, flesh, bone etc. attractive and sexy, and you're sick of running into nothing but people who do, you've come to the right place.


In fact, there are several other monster types that someone else at Geekolinks doesn't even want to see given the smexy Hollywood treatment.


Angsty Vampires by Alan Edwards with comments (AKA Angsty Vamps, Suck It Up And Go Away.)


Harry Potter And The Twilight Hunger Games Newsflash: Disliking one doesn't mean you automatically like any of the others.


Harry Potter And Twilight Syndrome, Extreme Gary Stu/Mary Sue - another article by Alan Edwards, with comments.


Why The Hunger Games Made Me Literally Sick - readersandwritersparadise.com Excellent article! After many tries, and finding others that didn't quite cut it because they still thought Potter was cool, or thought it necessary to say "No offence to the Hunger Games and the people who love it but I really don't like them" or saying Hunger Games was a kid's book to them because of the easy read. An article was finally found that is worthy of getting a direct link on this page! This search was prompted by yet another facepalm-worthy promo of the Hunger Games that splatted into a social network stream. Ugh!




Computer Fights When computers and their owners don't get along!




archive.org search engine and bibalex.org search engine has archives of some internet web pages that are no longer up. If you think something is gone because the page that hosted it is no longer there, these are worth a try.


millionshort.com the search engine that finds obscure results that are buried among the others commonly brought up by other searches.




Test Page


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